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August, 2011

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February, 2011

Freedom Tour

Freedom Tour (34 photos)

August, 2007

Josee Boulanger, a Manitoba film maker, along with contributions from the National Film Board of Canada, have worked collaboratively with a team of People First members documenting experiences of self-advocacy and of institutional survival across the Prairies.

This group, along with members of People First of Canada traveled across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta hosting public forums raising awareness, collecting stories and filming this amazing journey called the “Freedom Tour". The National Film Board of Canada contributed to this project.

Woodlands Memorial Garden Dedication Ceremony

Woodlands Memorial Garden Dedication Ceremony (6 photos)

June, 2007

Woodlands Memorial Garden was made to honor both people who lived in the institution, and remember the 3,037 residents who were buried in the former cemetery.

Over 200 people attended the event, including the PFC/CACL Joint Task Force on Deinsitutionalization.

Forum in Manitoba

Forum in Manitoba (7 photos)

February, 2005

Over 300 people gathered at the Manitoba Legislative Building to express their outrage at the Manitoba Government’s decision to invest $40 million into the Manitoba Developmental Centre, and to raise awareness around the benefits of community living.