On this page are links to organizations in Canada and around the world that provide community-based services and/or work in the area of deinstitutionalization.

Below is a link to a deinstitutionalization toolkit

As of March 31, 2009, the province of Ontario closed the last of its large institutions for persons with intellectual disabilities. Below are links to several stories and press releases related to this historic occasion. 1 2

People First of Canada

Canadian Association of Community Living


Canada's Community Inclusion Initiative

Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary

The "Community for All" Toolkit

Blog - deinstitutionalization

Open Society Mental Health Initiative

European Coalition for Community Living


People First of New Hampshire
Institutions: Close Them!

Community Now! Choose Freedom


Links to short videos that profile various people involved in the deinstitutionalization movement and/or depict institutional situations in various countries throughout the world.

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Promoting Consumer Direction in Aging Services

Freedom Clearing House

The Community Living Exchange Collaborative

The Institute on Community Integration

National Coalition on Self Determination

The Disability Rights Movement


The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL)

Community Living Coalition

Disability and Support - Sweden

Centre for Community Based research (formerly Centre for Research and Education in Human Services (CREHS)

Free Our People

Fairview Album

Ferndale School Closure

The Open Society Foundations - How Many More Horror Stories Do We Need to Hear?

Institutions for adults with intellectual disabilities in Macedonia

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) - The Forsaken Children

Institutions for children with disabilities in Bulgaria